Programs designed to exceed your expectations


We are a Québec conference provider dedicated and committed to researching, designing and delivering the most up-to-date business, financial and legal information and trends that are in sync with yours and your clients’ current and emerging business needs.

The business, legal and financial environments are characterized by:

  • Rapid change requiring mastering new business contexts
  • More complex business models and structures involving various different partners and players
  • The faster flow of information and communication
  • More complex and costly litigation
  • Risk management involving multi-disciplinary teams and departments
  • Seizing new business opportunities at the most opportune times

Open Forum Ouvert’s events and activities are designed to help you not just meet, but exceed your business’ or your clients’ expectations.

Designed to encourage networking, business development, interaction, and the exchange and sharing of ideas, our activities are offered in a variety of flexible formats:

  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Forums
  • Master classes
  • Boot camp basics
  • Q & A panel sessions

Above all, they are designed to help you master emerging trends and risks, while setting the pace for growth in a local, national, international and global context.